PewDiePie ‘Final Video’, Takes a Break From YouTube

PewDiePie has posted his “last” video before his rest from YouTube. The Swedish YouTube star had a year ago said he’d be taking a break from the video gushing stage prior this year, and that opportunity has arrived, with PewDiePie posting his last video before his break on Wednesday.

PewDiePie, 30, whose genuine name is Felix Kjellberg, discovered popularity with computer game critiques, and was at one point the world’s most noteworthy winning YouTuber, reports

He was all the more as of late associated with discussions around allegations of bigotry and hostile to Semitism.

Right on time one year from now I’ll be away for a brief period. I’ll clarify that later,” he said in a video post a year ago. “I’m taking a break from YouTube one year from now. I needed to state it ahead of time since I decided. I’m worn out. I’m feeling extremely worn out. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether you can tell,” PewDiePie said.

In Wednesday’s video, PewDiePie stated, “Following 10 years, I’m at long last taking a break. This is the last video. No, I’m not stopping media, as much as you need it. Be that as it may, this is my last video.”

A year ago, PewDiePie, who right now has 102 million endorsers, was overwhelmed as the greatest YouTube divert on the planet by Bollywood record name T-Series, which presently has in excess of 121 million supporters.

Disney cut ties with him in 2017 after certain recordings he discharged were found to contain Nazi references or against Semitic symbolism.

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